HostSailor Announces OpenSource and Startups Support Program


Today HostSailor is launching a support program specifically focused on supporting open source projects & startups. We are inviting young people to the open source community to participate in our first set of actions.

HostSailor was a start-up once and we know how hard it is to work without support. We were born out of the open source movement as we fully depend on many open source technologies such as Linux operating system and thats why we support Centos Web Panel Project. We prosper because of the technology and activism which comes from this movement. And we know that open source remains a key part of the Internet and the online life we seek to build. We’ve taken so much from the online community and Now is time to provide a new level of support to this community.

All you need to do is to send us an email ( [email protected]) with a brief presentation about your project and what you will add to the internet community

We will support you with every Gigabit/s we have
” We Are here to support the Internet, and to support you in making it awesome. “​
Shehab Ahmed

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