Technical Advice For Choosing A Virtual Private Server

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When hosting on a shared server, you’re limited in terms of options and applications. This makes it difficult for an individual user to optimize the server for their particular needs.Choosing A Virtual Private Server

These shared servers are also unstable as high traffic for one user can affect other users. Limited resources mean that scalability of these products is also restricted.

For businesses looking to grow further, a virtual server hosting is a better solution. However, switching to VPS servers will require you to have basic information to make moving easier.

  Managed services

With VPS plans, you may choose to have managed services for support. First, you must determine whether you need technical support and updating for efficient working of the site. You should also see if you can maintain the account yourself or if you need professional support.

Most owners don’t have expertise or time to deal with these tasks. We offer managed VPS solutions so you can allocate your time and resources for business growth.

  Control panel

For efficient services, choose a mainstream control panel which can make these tasks more manageable and easy to perform. For instance, cPanel is a popular option because of its multiple benefits. Other options include ISPmanager and CloudLinux.

With HostSailor, you can choose any of the 7 different control panel options, depending on which particular option better meets your business needs. Furthermore, we can help you in choosing the right solution!

  Security certificates

Online businesses depend on customer trust. Before a visitor chooses to shop online with a particular website, they want to be ensured that their information will be safe.

An SSL certificate is necessary to make your website more reliable. VPS servers offer to set up these certificates to encrypt all the data. This makes it unreadable for hackers, keeping the information safe.

Ask your service provider to add an SSL certificate. We offer a variety of SSL certificates to help you choose one which provides you the most benefit.SSL certificate

  Server monitoring

Business websites are most frequently hacked irrespective of whether it’s an e-commerce site or not. You need to ensure that 24/7 server monitoring is available with a VPS plan. Having support through multiple channels is imperative. A quick response in case of a maintenance issue must be ensured.

  Customer services

When looking for VPS plans, research about a provider’s customer service. Make sure that the company puts effort in making your experience better by providing quick response to queries.

An efficient customer service is an indication of quality of products. We offer 24/7 customer support for our clients, helping them immediately sort out any problems they may be facing.

Our Windows and Linux VPS hosting offers affordable solutions for your business. Choose from KVM VPS hosting and multiple other plans for cost-effective solutions.

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