Unmanaged VPS Server Hosting – Know Its Pros And Cons

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Unmanaged VPS Hosting

Most business owners are skeptical about choosing unmanaged VPS server hosting. This is because, in an unmanaged hosting plan, you will need to take care of the server maintenance and other responsibilities all by yourself. The hosting VPS provider will only take care of the physical server and allocate you the resources for server management. It means that you should have some technical expertise to handle the sever resources and related tasks when choosing unmanaged VPS hosting.


The Pros and Cons of Unmanaged VPS Server Hosting

The most striking benefit of unmanaged VPS hosting is that it gives you total control of the server so that you can customize it the way you want. This ranges from installing the required software, scaling the storage space and memory, allocating bandwidth for different purposes, to much more. You can install, test, deploy, and run any type and number of applications for your business needs on the server as well, which are not typically provided by hosting VPS providers.

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Unmanaged VPS Benefits

Another advantage of choosing an unmanaged VPS server is that you can make the required changes to the server anytime you need without having to rely on the VPS provider. This allows you to benefit from the unlimited optimization opportunities offered by virtualization to boost the speed and performance of your site and applications. Besides, unmanaged VPS hosting is cheaper when compared to a managed VPS hosting plan because there is no routine support or dedicated management.

The main drawback of unmanaged VPS server hosting, though, is that you may need dedicated IT personnel to manage the server maintenance and upgrades. Although the hosting provider will maintain the network, upgrade the components as necessary, and deal with the physical server faults, you will need to maintain and control the server for your own purposes. That is why unmanaged VPS server hosting is generally recommended to established businesses that can spend on a team of in-house IT professionals.

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