Upgrading Your Hosting Package–What Options Do You Have?

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Hosting has become an essential tool for any business, if they plan on going online.Hosting Package

Branding, targeting niche markets and other aspects of sales and marketing heavily rely on hosting.

Due to budget limitations, most businesses opt for shared hosting.

These packages are typically hosted using HDD that makes them affordable, but less efficient.

As your business grows, you’ll need more resources. Sharing may eventually become a problem, particularly if the server is slow.

You’ll want to shift to higher packages. Instead of paying more, why not upgrade to a different hosting option? With HostSailor, you have numerous options.

Option #1: SSD Shared Hosting

One of the major problems with shared hosting is the slow speed; there may be multiple users on the same server.

This problem can be virtually eliminated through servers that utilize solid state drive (SSD). They are faster and more efficient.

We understand that you may have some budget limitations, and will therefore prefer shared hosting. You can switch to our SSD shared packages without worrying about costs. You’ll find that our plans are available at almost the same prices as your existing hosting plan.

Option #2: Virtual Private Hosting (VPS)

Virtual Private Hosting
Virtual Private Hosting

Growing businesses often require higher security along with exceptional speed.

VPS offers the best of both worlds. The server is virtually dedicated and reserves resources for individual users.

You don’t need to manage it, so it can help you save costs spent on technical expertise. Our clients benefit from our experts who can quickly fix issues, if and when they arise.

With VPS, you also acquire additional security, making you less vulnerable to cyber threats. We offer HDD as well as SSD options, and packages for both Linux and Windows VPS hosting.

Option #3: Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is the most advanced option, equally suited for medium sized and established businesses. You have more resources, dedicated for your use alone.

Small to medium businesses may shy away from dedicated servers because control is usually in the user’s hands. This means additional costs for hiring a team of experts.

Don’t worry; we’re here to solve your hosting problems!

With HostSailor, you receive fully managed packages. Dedicated resources, great value for money and comprehensive support!

Higher security, flexibility, power and speed¾all of it at an affordable price. Our dedicated packages are hosted on either Netherlands or Romania servers.

If you’re interested in upgrading your hosting package, do it now! You will also receive free 20Gbps DDoS protection with packages hosted on Romania servers. Contact us to finalize your package or help us find a suitable solution for you!

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