VPS Hosting – A Solution to Today’s Problems

The face of IT has changed dramatically this year. We were just getting used to being able to connect to work from just about everywhere. The pandemic added a further savage twist by forcing many of us to work from home and IT at work needing to give us remote access to the corporate systems.

IT was getting to grips with the new security challenges of remote working within the cost pressures of doing more with static or decreasing budgets. Moving to the cloud and using managed service providers to host their systems offsite seems a way to help to do it. If they could offload a lot of their daily routine tasks, they could fix at least a part of their operational budget and release staff to deliver new things.

A recent strategy ideally positioned to support cloud technologies is the concept of the Virtual Private Server (VPS”). The Managed Service Provider (“MSP”) provides either a dedicated server environment or space on shared servers which looks to the user like their own server infrastructure, the “Virtual Server.” They can then choose to manage it themselves or outsource management to the MSP. They started to look for the best VPS hosting providers.

There are several levels of hosting:

1. Basic Hosting. This is a means whereby individuals and organizations can make websites, including file services, available on the Internet. Small e-commerce applications tend to be the primary users of Basic Hosting services.

2. Shared Hosting. In this case, shared hosting provides a server shared between your installation and others. The users share the running costs of the server, which can make it an economic proposition for organizations needing something a little larger and more responsive than basic hosting.

3. VPS Hosting. In this option, you have a full virtual server environment. Unless you outsource management to your MSP, you have full control over everything to do with it. Each physical server hosts several VPS environments, sharing physical resources between each.

Basic hosting is cheap and cheerful but tends to be slow and limited in services. They often don’t have the horsepower needed to support a full-on corporate environment. Shared hosting suffers from the same problem. And, because you share the same virtual environment with others, it can also be less secure.

If you want more than the basics, but can’t afford or don’t need the full dedicated server environment, VPS hosting is a cost-effective middle way. Another reason might be that you don’t want to take the risk of holding your corporate data on a shared server with other users. A VPS server is partitioned into different server images that are entirely independent. VPS servers also have the advantage of better and more stable performance.

That, in a nutshell, is VPS hosting – an external” managed service provider providing the infrastructure to host your corporate systems.

There are many benefits, including:

1. Fixing operational costs. Typically, IT operational budgets vary, and it could be challenging to find additional resources to meet unexpected demands.

2. Outsourcing routine daily tasks. Offloading the daily workload releases your staff for new developments and to complete delayed projects.

3. Flexibility. If you need additional infrastructure resources, these are provided more quickly with an MSP than by yourselves.

Who are the best hosted VPS MSPs in 2020? Many MSPs are offering services at a range of prices and quality of service.

Some things to check before selecting an MSP:

1. Draw up a list of what you want, mandatory, nice to have, and wonderful features, set out in columns.

2. Does the supplier hit all the mandatory buttons on the list?

3. Availability. You need a guarantee of at least 99.9%

4. Access. Do you want full world-wide access?

5. Support. Is 24/7 support available in your language?

6. Additional modules?

7. Upgrade?

We, HostSailor, are a leading global MSP, with data centers in several countries and regularly feature in the Best VPS Hosting lists. We have been around for some time and are well regarded in the industry. We are well worth a look if you want a hosted VPS solution.

In summary, VPS is a valid and viable option for companies wanting to move to the cloud or just outsource their IT management. It can bring financial and service benefits and increase your organizational flexibility.
Have a look at it.

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