Here are 5 Simple Tips to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

You’ve created a WordPress blog and you’re hoping that it goes on to be a huge success in the target niche.

Your website visitors open their web browsers and type: Speed Up Your WordPress Website

And then press “Enter”.website to load

They wait for the website to load.

3seconds pass.

They wait more…

Couple of second passes, and roughly 11 percent of your website visitors no longer have any interest in your website.

5second pass, and those numbers have roughly climbed to 25 percent.

With every second of increased delay, you are losing website visitors.

It’s hurting your blog’s popularity, search engine ranking, views and you are ultimately losing audience.

Let’s fix that.

Get a Caching Plugin

A caching plugin helps to save all the static content present on your website—those static images, JavaScript, CSS scripts—so that the requesting server don’t have to load all the content every time a user visits your WordPress website. This speeds up the loading time of your website and webpages.

You can try W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache.

Optimize the Images on Your Website

Images help to boost engagement. Not to mention, they make your website content lively. However, using too many images can also affect your website’s loading and navigation speed.

What’s the solution?

Optimize those images.

One way of doing that is to edit your image in a photo editing software before you upload them on your website. From editing we mean, changing the image format and compressing it.

Another way of doing that is to use plugins like WP Smush, Tiny PNG or Lazy Load.

Uninstall Plugins that You are Not Using

While we are at the subject of plugins, it’s important to note that where plugins bring additional functionality to your website, they also put strain on the loading server. Uninstall the plugins that you don’t use. Keep the important ones.

Remove Whitespaces from Your Code

Remember all those codes at your backend? And how you used whitespaces when typing those codes to make them more readable? Well, those whitespaces are causing unnecessary lag.

Remove those whitespaces from your code.

Don’t worry, it won’t make any difference to the browsers and servers in how they read those codes.

Shift Your Website Hosting to a More Reliable Service Provider

Last but not the least, switch your website hosting service provider. Choose a hosting service that provides fast and reliable hosting solution.

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