Speed Or Responsive Design – Which Is More Pivotal?

Speed and end-user optimized design are two of the most important features.

Speed Or Responsive Design
Speed Or Responsive Design

Can you choose one over another? Yes.

Should you choose one over another? No.

Performance and responsive design both play a role in bringing traffic and increasing productivity through your online presence.

The debate isn’t about which one factor is more important for your business. The question, instead, is which factor you should invest in.

This is an important question for small and large businesses alike. While responsive design is a key to online success, speed is critical to keep the audience interested.

Speed offers direct revenue potential

Speed of site is
Speed of site is

Speed of site is central to customer satisfaction. An average user will spend less than 15 seconds on a website. You want to make the best use of these few seconds.

Most visitors expect the site to load within two seconds. Otherwise, they’re off to a faster business. Achieving this two second threshold is the key to high profitability.

So, we know what ‘fast’ means—at least for search engines and online visitors. But how huge is the impact?

The Wal-Mart success is well known in the digital world. The company achieved a 1% increase in online sales with only 100 milliseconds load time improvement.

Yes, that’s how huge the profit scale can be! Especially for small and medium sized businesses that are looking to make their mark in their industry. You don’t want to lose out on the revenue promised by high speed.

Responsive designs keep up with technology

How good is speed if an end-user can’t view the site on their mobile or tablet? With responsive design, you can make the site adjust to screens of all sizes.

Even if the site is not responsive, it will still work with the desktop and laptop users. So, why bother?

Guess what? Your average user is ditching the ‘big screen’. Bus stations, walkways, even shopping malls are full of people scrolling through their smartphone screens. In 2014, mobile exceeds personal computers for being the preferred mode of digital access.

In 2017, you can expect that this chunk of audience has only grown. Are you willing to give up on a vast majority of your visitors?

Responsive design also helps with your site’s SEO. Google prefers responsive sites rather than ones sporting two different formats for PCs and mobiles. With responsive designs, you win on all fronts.

Win at speed with HostSailor

If you can only invest in one for the time being, make it speed. A user must first be able to get to your site and browse through various products and services.

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