Tips To Speed Up Your WordPress Site!

WordPress is often the starting point for most website owners. It’s easy and efficient, delivering exactly what you want. This is why a number of users end up purchasing a WordPress site.WordPress Site

Speed is a major factor that all users are concerned about. You need an SEO optimized site that loads quickly and is user-friendly.

Slow website is bad for your business, but how do you keep all the features you want and still have it load quickly? Following tips and tricks will help you trim the site and boost loading speed:

Choose a reliable hosting provider

When choosing a hosting provider, opt for a service that offers continuous support. For instance, our agents are available 24/7 to address any issue that may come up.

Also, make sure they have a reliable uptime guarantee. We offer 99.9% uptime for all our packages. If a provider promises 100% uptime, they’re likely leading you astray.

Typically, your site should load up in under 2 seconds. If your hosting provider is delaying the response, it’s time to switch!

Install WordPress cache plug-inWordPress cache plug-in

Cache the static content present on your WordPress site. Leverage your browser’s facility for this purpose. It will help improve site speed 3 to 7 times!

WordPress offers a lot of plug-ins that cache the content, and offer Gzip compression, CDN integration, CSS/JavaScript minification, and a lot more.

Install your choice of WordPress caching plug-in and configure it for your site to boost speed.

Optimize images

Great images attract audience and keep them engaged with content. We would never recommend removing images, but you can optimize them to load quicker.

You can use any of the several online tools available such as Image Optimizer and Optimizilla for this purpose. With only a few clicks, you can optimize the image for better quality and a compressed resolution.

Optimize WordPress database

If you’ve been using your WordPress site for some time, there must a lot of information that doesn’t need to be there anymore.

Editing a post 15 times, for example, will save 14 copies! This happens every time you update a post or a page.

Remove the unwanted revisions so your site’s content can be accessed more quickly.

Don’t upload videos directly on the site

If you upload videos directly on the site, it will increase your bandwidth usage. While you can always opt for additional bandwidth on our packages, there’s another solution too.

Instead, post the video on a video hosting provider. Embed the link provided by the site to your WordPress.

You can check out YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, DailyMotion and several other sites that offer these services.

These tips apply to your WordPress site, irrespective of whether it’s a personal blog or a company website. Opt for our high performing shared, dedicated and virtual servers, including managed NL dedicated servers.

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