Web Hosting Server Location

Web Hosting Server Location

Why Hosting Server Location Matters?


Many companies are using managed service providers for their website hosting.  While many consider hosting costs to be the prime consideration, the web hosting server location is also of critical importance.   The waters have been muddied by the emergence of cloud-based content delivery networks, which are access points to high-performance data centers some distance away.

Businesses still need to look closely at the web hosting server location because this can affect performance, especially load times, and also SEO.  It can be because of the server itself, or because of a slow link in the route to it.

A Managed Service provider will offer a range of data centre locations to maximize customer service. As an example, HostSailor offers data centre services in Holland,  Romania and recently in the US to address this specific issue.   Others tend to site data centres in the Far East, such as India, to minimize operating costs at the expense of less reliable connectivity.


Benefits of a Good Web Hosting Server Location

Benefits of a Good Web Hosting Server Location
Benefits of a Good Web Hosting

The Best Dedicated Web Hosting Server Location

Working out the best-dedicated web hosting server location is dependent on several criteria.  The most important is customer service, simply put, the speed and performance of the server itself and the links to it.   That is why a dedicated, rather than a VPS server is important for optimum service.  You are not sharing resources with other users.

Why is it important?  Because a better service level leads to more visits, a higher conversion rate, and therefore a better bottom line.

Many commentators and technical experts have concluded that proximity to a service provider is essential.  Here are a couple of considerations:


Faster Load Times

For customers, existing and potential, how long web pages take to start loading and complete loading is crucial.  Take too long and they will click away, and a potential sale is lost.  The average time before moving on is about 3 seconds.  This has some technical implications:

  • The ping time between the customer and the site needs to be fast. Obviously, server connectivity and network response need to be maximized.  Having a local server will ensure maximum ping times.
  • In an e-commerce environment, product descriptions, and images. and prices are held in a database. Again, these need to be loaded to the webpage quickly, and a high-speed connection to the customer’s browser is essential to stop them from becoming tired of waiting and clicking away. Again, Having a local server will ensure maximum ping times.


Higher Conversion Rates

Faster page load times mean happier visitors and higher conversion rates.  This is especially true of mobile users.  It is especially true of mobile users on paid data plans rather than piggybacking on a WiFi connection.   Recent estimates are that over 50% of mobile users move on if a page takes too long to load, usually after about 3 seconds.

Having more visitors and keeping them on your site by having faster page loads from a local web hosting service will increase conversion rates.  Increased dwell times also improves search engine rankings.


Web Server Hosting Location and SEO

Having a whizz-bang website with the best products and offers is no use if no one can find it. Low traffic volumes are the kiss of death.   The answer is having top-rate SEO.

SEO Is becoming more and more important to traffic management, both in generating site visits and improving search engine rankings.  SEO and site meta keywords are essential in this process, particularly local SEO.

Over the last few years, it has become increasingly difficult for local businesses to achieve a high ranking in search engine results.   This is because of an exponential increase in local mobile devices and a lack of awareness among businesses and their site developers about the importance of local SEO in improving search engine rankings.

A key player in this is Google’s Local Pack.  It highlights three local businesses related to the search at the top of the search results. It used to be seven but is now down to three, allowing space for ads for each of the three.  This is particularly useful for mobile users since they can see what is on offer without necessarily needing to visit the site.

A recent survey suggested that over 70% of web marketers think SEO is a more effective marketing tool than pay-per-click (“PPC”).   They further suggest that businesses need Local Pack and a good SEO strategy to maximize their site’s potential.

Please go here for more detailed information on local SEO, and how to maximize its potential.   Also

We at HostSailor are highly experienced in hosting websites, and our data centres in East and Western Europe and the US are perfectly positioned to provide high-quality web hosting services.   If you have any specific queries or concerns, or just fancy a chat, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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