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It takes more than simply understanding the concept of a web hosting service to be able to get the right service for your website. With virtually hundreds of companies offering different plans and packages, it can be hard focusing on your specific requirements and weeding out the subpar providers. Following is a look at what HostSailor and very few other companies have to offer you in this regard.

Web Hosting Service Considerations

High Uptime and Reliability

This refers to the portion of time that your website is able to stay online as a matter of certainty. Web hosts worth their salt would guarantee this at 99.9%, allowing for some small room inside which necessary server maintenance can be completed. There are even a few web hosts ready to reimburse you if that small portion of time exceeds what is advertised. What you need to do before signing up is verify the uptime policy of the provider.

Storage and Bandwidth

Bandwidth equates to the amount of traffic that your website can handle each month, and many web hosting services are taking to offering unlimited bandwidth these days. That said, there is always the chance that the bandwidth you get may be throttled for some reason, or your site might go offline in the event of a big traffic surge, such as if one of your posts went viral. Just make sure “unlimited” actually means just that, especially if you have chosen a shared server hosting plan.

Good Customer Support

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Good Customer Support

This is one aspect of any service that gets the attention it deserves only too late. A lot of people only give it thought after their website has gone offline, and nothing they do seems able to turn things around. In these instances, it is vital to have a number to call or an email support team to contact, who will get back to you right away. Not to mention they also need to resolve the issue as soon as possible, so that your brand does not suffer from having its website down for too long.

Your web hosting service will also need to be able to grow with you, in that they should have higher tiers of service ready to accommodate your requirements, should you ever feel the need to upgrade. HostSailor is well-known for performing superbly in all of the above areas, as well as many others.

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