What Are The Qualities Of A Secure DDoS Attack Mitigation Solution?

DDoS Attack
DDoS Attack Mitigation Solution

DDoS attacks are becoming more and more prevalent in these days of work from home. Outages in websites and networks are becoming much prominent and many cyberattacks and breaches are reported every day. A DDoS attack is executed to slow down a website and not necessarily to bring it down. Therefore, it is important for all websites in shared server hosting, dedicated server hosting, or any other hosting environment to make use of a good DDoS mitigation solution. Some of the qualities of a good DDoS mitigation solution are shared below to help you choose the one that best suits your business.


A security solution making use of human IT security staff might not be as effective as an automated solution. The reason is that human scrutiny will not be as sophisticated as the digital examining process.

 Offer Visual Results 

For any business, extensive visibility of security based on network activity is very crucial in preventing DDoS attacks. Managed DDoS protection complies with reporting analysis based on DDoS threats that have occurred in the past.

 Always On 

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As per the facts, most of the DDoS attacks are short and sub saturating. Most of these attacks are likely to last only a few minutes (probably less than five minutes) and under a network range of 1GB/s. These attacks are much prone to evading the scrutiny and detection by most legacy DDoS mitigation solutions. This is because the configuration of these tools ignores short attack activity, resulting in weaker detection. However, always-on DDoS mitigation quality reduces the latency penalties and constantly scans the traffic for potential attacks.

 Works In Granular Way 

When considering a DDoS mitigation solution, go for the one that can recognize and allow good traffic and block the bad ones with the help of granular, closed-loop detecting, blocking filters. Heuristic and closed-loop policies should be offered by the rules of the DDoS mitigation solution.

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