What is Unmetered Bandwidth and Why Does it Matter

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best dedicated hosting
Unmetered Bandwidth Facts

Most web hosting providers offer packages with unmetered bandwidth. To better understand this term, you first need to understand what bandwidth is. When it comes to web hosting, bandwidth is the amount of data which can be transferred to and fro in a month. For instance, for a hosting customer with a dedicated server with 400 GB of monthly data transfer, the total amount of data uploaded to and downloaded from that server in one month will be 400 GB. Let us say that this month; you upload a 1 GB video to the server dedicated to your website. This means your website users can download it until the rest of the 399 GB is over.

Unmetered bandwidth means that it is possible to use the maximum resources the web server can hold. In some cases, ‘bandwidth’ is also used to describe the rate at which data is transferred from and to a server every second. This rate is actually termed as uplink speed. Unmetered clients have this preset transfer rate, usually measured in Mbps, so they cannot cross the maximum monthly bandwidth. You will not always have to consume that bandwidth in an unmetered hosting package. How much bandwidth you need depends on the traffic to your site. If that traffic is particularly less, then you may end up having more resources than what you actually need. In a way, that is better than facing inadequacy of resources.

Should I Choose Unlimited or Unmetered Bandwidth Hosting?

This is something which web hosting customers often ask. Unlimited bandwidth hosting is more of a marketing term. Although it is described that way, it might not necessarily be unlimited. There will be a limit to how much data a server can hold.

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Unmetered Hosting Packages

Unmetered bandwidth is not a false promise like the unlimited one. Therefore, by unmetered, web hosts like HostSailor mean that we will not measure or monitor how much data you transfer or use. The benefit of choosing an unmetered hosting plan is that when there is a spike in traffic to your website, the page load time will be unaffected.

Besides, our dedicated servers are customizable, which allows for as much as 10 Gbps uplink speeds, and unmetered bandwidth. Do you feel this kind of a hosting plan is what you require considering the present traffic to your site? If you do, the dedicated server from us with an unmetered bandwidth will be the perfect one for you.

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