What Is VPS Hosting & How It Works?

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What Is VPS Hosting & How Does VPS Hosting Work

VPS Hosting
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VPS is the short form for Virtual Private Server. It is a very popular hosting service that many people choose for their website. This type of hosting use virtualization to provide you dedicated resources on a hosting server shared by many users. VPS hosting services can be suitable for users with websites that have medium traffic which exceeds the capabilities of shared server hosting.

Working Of VPS Hosting 

A web hosting server is a computer that stores the databases and files required by your website. When visitors need to access your site, their website sends a request to the hosting server and the server sends the required files via the internet. VPS server hosting extends to a virtual server that acts like a physical server. However, the server is shared among different users.

Virtualization Technology

Making use of the technology of virtualization, your hosting provider inducts a virtual layer on the OS of the server. For instance, in the case of Windows VPS hosting, a virtual layer is installed on the operating system used by the server machine. This virtual layer divides the web hosting server into various partitions, thereby allowing the users to install and independently use their operating system and software. This means that a VPS is both private and virtual as the users will have complete control. In simple terms, VPS is like making partitions on your computer when you wish to use more than one operating system on the computer without rebooting.

How Does VPS Hosting Measure Up To Other Types Of Web Hosting? 

Different types of web hosting let to have different customization levels on your web server. These hostings vary in their price, availability of services, and performance. Read ahead to know how VPS hosting compares to these variants of web hosting.

Cloud Hosting 

In case of cloud hosting, a cluster of servers that are running in the cloud is used in place of a single server. Each of the servers will have an up-to-date copy of your site. When one of the servers in the cloud is busy, the traffic will be automatically redirected to another server that is not much busy. Due to this, cloud server hosting can ensure zero downtime of your website as there will be always a server to serve the requests of the visitors to your website.

VPS server hosting and cloud server hosting are not exclusive to each other. Many web hosting services provide VPS server hosting on a cloud infrastructure. This is because combining cloud and VPS technologies can result in very high reliability and performance in the virtual server environment.

Shared Hosting 

Shared hosting can be suitable for websites with low traffic and can be the starting point for bloggers and small business websites. In the case of shared hosting, multiple users share the same server. This means that  the requirements of other users sharing the resources determines the memory and resources that your website can use. Also, you won’t be able to choose your OS and other server software.

Shared hosting can be thought of as a rental where you share an apartment space with many roommates. VPS hosting is also a type of flat-share. But, everyone will have their rooms that can be customized as per their needs.

Dedicated Hosting

VPS Server Hosting
Virtual Private Server

In the case of dedicated hosting, you will have a complete physical server for your website. This hosting solution can be suitable for websites with very high traffic. Dedicated servers are flexible, high speed, and fully customizable. However, as the service is costly, it might not be a worthy solution for all, especially if you have a medium or small-sized website.

Dedicated hosting is superior to VPS hosting. Together with letting you configure the software, dedicated hosting lets you configure the hardware as well. This is because the hosting server will be completely yours and no one else can decide on the setup.

VPS hosting will provide you access to guaranteed resources and complete control without the need to run your server. This type of hosting is a great solution for medium to high traffic websites that are resource-heavy. If you need reliable, business-scale hosting at an affordable price, then VPS hosting is what you should consider.

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