What is VPS KVM and How it Works?

Virtual Private Server

VPS or Virtual Private Server is a type of web hosting service, where you get to enjoy the features of a dedicated server hosting while still being in the shared web hosting environment. However, the data stored in a VPS server would not be affected by the activities of other sites managed by the hosting account. In VPS hosting, you also get access to guaranteed resources for all your CPU, RAM, and bandwidth requirements.

In VPS KVM, a virtual private server would be assigned to one account that works over a physical server. Here, the resources are limited to the specific KVM VPS account and no other user can have access to the same server resources. This way, VPS KVM hosting offers one of the most reliable solutions to managing a website securely. Apart from the excellent performance it assures, you can also get a dedicated IP address with your KVM VPS account. Nonetheless, note that some providers might charge an additional fee for a dedicated IP.

Web Hosting Services

KVM virtual private servers also support cloud technology and can offer better control and flexibility if you choose to enable the feature on your account. Yet again, remember that you would have to take adequate measures to keep a backup of the website, so that you do not lose any data or content in case of a technical error. You can easily create a backup of your website using the option from cPanel, and save the file to your computer safely.

As for the customer support, all VPS KVM web hosting service providers offer round-the-clock support to their clients so that they can manage their accounts with ease. You can contact the customer support team via live chat or email, while some providers also offer assistance over the telephone. So in a nutshell, KVM VPS hosting would be the perfect answer for those who seek a dedicated environment to manage their website, but within a limited budget.

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