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Linux VPS is one of the most popular hosting services among business owners, web developers, and programmers today, mainly because of its unmatched benefits that are not seen in any other traditional web hosting service. It is not only a cheap VPS hosting option, but also a very reliable, stable, and flexible one. In fact, the superior performance and functionality of Linux VPS hosting even make it a greater alternative to choosing Windows based VPS hosting. Below is a quick look at the features of Linux VPS that make it better than Windows VPS.

It is More Affordable

Linux based hosting does not require you to pay any fee for licensing, redistributing, or using the service, as it is based on open-source software. This is not the case with Windows based VPS or other options, which usually involve paying monthly charges to use their services. That means Linux VPS hosting can be more cost-effective in the long run.

It Offers Great Performance

Linux VPS is seen to be much faster than Windows VPS because it consumes fewer resources to function. At the same time, it effectively supports multiple processes and high loads, and performs optimally without running into a crash unpredictably. Moreover, its performance would not degrade over time, which is a common concern with other traditional web hosting services.

It Keeps the Data Secured

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Advanced Security Measures

Linux VPS hosting offers much advanced security measures than that offered by Windows VPS services. For instance, Linux does not have an “administrator access” option as that seen in Windows, which means that the data remains safe from intruders in case they hack into the system. Besides, no root access means that a malware or virus cannot do any extensive system-wide damage either.

Note that the Linux operating system is designed to offer better stability, which means that it makes the VPS hosting service much more stable than any web hosting service. You can even run a Linux VPS server for years without having to reboot it once.

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