What To Look For When Choosing Ecommerce Hosting

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Choosing Ecommerce HostingFinding the right ecommerce hosting providers can be a daunting task. For one, there are so many options with variable plans and packages. Secondly, most customers do not have a very good idea of what features they should look for.

Instead of going with a company providing the lowest price range, customers should research the market thoroughly. Your needs must be met by any package you choose for your business. However, we understand that most people do not have enough time or resources to conduct this search.

Here we offer a few tips to assist you in the process:

1.     Shared versus dedicated servers

Shared servers are risky; they run a chance of corrupting the entire server with just a single infected data file or software. The disc space provided on such servers is often too low for most businesses and the bandwidth makes the websites proper function impossible.

Dedicated servers are thus the preferred choice as a single person using a server runs a lesser risk of corrupting the device. It is also accompanied with high disc space and bandwidth for optimum function.

2.     Uptime guarantee

An ecommerce website needs to be available to their customers. Otherwise, they risk losing potential as well as committed customers to downtime. Even after spending money for your websites’ upkeep, you can lose a significant amount to the downtime.

At HostSailor, we provide a guaranteed 99.9% uptime to our clients to help them grow their business.

3.     Server backups

Standard backups must be available with the ecommerce host, otherwise you will need to arrange and pay for a backup service.

Backups are necessary; an ecommerce cannot thrive without a proper backup. This can add up in costs, sometime resulting in loss. Try to choose a host which has a backup plan as they do not differ much in cost compared to those without backups.Uptime guarantee

4.     Physical security

While your server needs to be virtually secure providing safe access to your website, they should also be physically safe from harm. Data centers, offices of the service provider, network infrastructure including routers and switches, and access to the devices must be secured.

Do not commit to a hosting service unless you are sure about their security and safety of your servers.

5.     24/7 customer support

A customer may have queries or need assistance any time of the day. We provide a 24/7 live customer support to help our clients for online operations. You might think this is unnecessary but the need can arise any time. A hosting service must therefore, be available for their customers, if and when needed.

We offer domain registration services and affordable SSL certificates for better marketing of your business and secured connections.

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