Which Competitive Reseller Hosting Services -high quality?

4valuable features showing the reseller hosting plans


With the best will in the world, a Managed Service Provider (“MSP”) cannot meet all its marketing targets alone.  Some will enlist the help of marketing organisations to help increase their sales.  Others will apply themselves to establishing a Social Media presence that follows all the lead generation and SEO rules.

A common means of increasing coverage at little cost to the MSP is to establish a reseller programme. IN this case, the MSP will appoint selected resellers to market their hosting services and sell them to third parties. They can do this under the MSPs banner, or in some cases, market the services under their own name.


Our definition of Competitive Reseller Hosting Services is:


A reseller is a company or individual (merchant) that purchases goods or services with the intention of selling them rather than consuming or using them………………………….”.


At HostSailor, we let anyone resell any of our website hosting services using their own brand name. We offer four basic service packages, supplemented by a range of additional options that allow the client to tailor the service package to their exact needs.

Currently, our cheapest plan starts at just under $12 per month, rising to just over $80.  This range covers the basic entry-level VPS hosting environment to a top-level highly performant configuration.


Each includes:


4 valuable features showing the reseller hosting plans

  • Instant activation following payment confirmation.
  • Payment in cyber currency.
  • secure socket layer (SSL) certification with each hosting for enhanced security.
  • WHM is a tool to manage the technical and business management of your website hosting
  • DDoS protection for an extra layer of security. HostSailor’s DDoS protection will detect and mitigate distributed denial of service attacks in an automatic way; and
  • Enhanced Support.
    • Access to our 24/7 active support team; and
    • Access by phone, email, or live chat, to our experts who are readily available to help address any of your hostings


These and more features make our reseller packages a compelling competitive option for resellers who wish to provide hosting services for their customers in their own brand name.

Please go to our webpage for more details and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or concerns

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