Why Buy VPS With Bitcoin?

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Buy VPS With Bitcoin
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HostSailor is a Netherlands VPS provider that accepts Bitcoin as payment. You can buy VPS with Bitcoin from reliable web hosts such as HostSailor. Here are some reasons why you should choose to purchase this type of hosting plan with this cryptocurrency.

Decentralized Payments

If systems are centralized, then it means these are operated and controlled by one entity, whether it be an individual, a company, or the government. Decentralized technology is one system by which no one entity has full control, even to demolish the system. A network of participants operating based on mutual consent run a decentralized system. With HostSailor, you pay with crypto – one of the decentralized systems for payments.

The advantages of a payment system that is decentralized while funding a VPS server hosting are as follows.

  • Users do not need to rely on conventional payment methods, which could just fail for reasons beyond your control. As conventional systems are centralized ones, these represent a SPOF (single point of failure).
  • Similarly to the aforementioned point, a central entity (e.g. a bank) cannot decide to decline or stop your payment. If it is declined or stopped, then it could put your server uptime at risk.

Benefits that Come With VPS Hosting

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Here is why you should buy VPS with Bitcoin instead of another hosting package.

Stability: As opposed to shared web hosting, the activities of other customers of VPS and the traffic will not adversely impact your operation.

Performance: Having allotment of resources of your own allows both you and your site visitors to enjoy quicker webpage load times.

Flexibility: You will have the full freedom to select the software and operating system you wish to install on your server.

Dedicated Resources: Web hosts that provide VPS services give customers more disk space, Random Access Memory, and CPU.

In addition, with Bitcoin, you can make payments in a convenient way.

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