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Building a website is one of the basic requirements for a business to succeed today. While most of the small businesses and startups go for shared web hosting plans because of its low costs, you should understand that your website would need more resources and bandwidth as your company grows. On the other hand, choosing a VPS web hosting plan can be equally beneficial to those who have just started their venture as well as to the established businesses. Below are a few reasons why you should choose Windows VPS hosting for your business.

It is Cost-Effective

A VPS can offer you many benefits, such as an individual operating system, more RAM, and higher bandwidth, which you typically get in a dedicated web hosting plan. However, as a virtual private server is built on a shared physical server, the costs associated are much less here. A VPS, in fact, combines the benefits of both shared hosting and dedicated hosting in a single package.

It is Faster

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Even though a VPS is designed to work on a shared server, it limits the access to its resources per hosting account. This helps to make sure that the website does not take much time to load during high traffic, which is a common issue with shared server hosting. As the website performance is healthier in Windows VPS hosting, your website ranking on the search engines also sees a boost.

It is Secure

All the data and apps remain isolated from other users in VPS hosting. This makes it more secure when compared to shared server hosting, where if one of the sites is infected by a malware, all the accounts on the server get affected. Besides, you can also have much superior control over your site in VPS hosting because you are operating independently of the other user accounts on the same server.

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