Location: Netherlands


Set up time: 48 H


Set up fees: Free

Rack Unit (NL- 1/2/3/5/10)

$40.61 / month
  • Power: Up to 8A
  • Power: Outlets Up to 9 C13
  • Traffic: Up to 10Gbit/s – Unmetered
  • DDos Protection :Up to 80Gbit/s

What is Colocation?

The hosting industry is growing with new technologies and services to satisfy customers with various requirements. At HostSailor, we always try to keep up with the changes in the industry and to meet the varying needs of our clients. This is why we have introduced the Colocation hosting services.

Colocation hosting is very much similar to dedicated hosting, but with one important difference. In the case of dedicated hosting, users rent the servers and all the necessary infrastructure. However, in the case of colocation hosting, customers own the hardware, rather than renting them. They look to augment the usefulness of the hardware by renting server space in the data center to have added benefits like reliable power, improved bandwidth, climate control and server cooling.

colocation web hosting services
colocation web hosting services
why colocation webhosting
why colocation web hosting

Why Colocation?

To have a colocation hosting arrangement with us, you should have your own server, rather than renting a server from us. You will be merely leasing our space and should transport your server to our datacenter. In a colocation hosting environment, you will only rent space within our datacenter and can maintain the ownership and control of all the software and hardware settings of your server. The advantage is that you can communicate with our team to easily downgrade or upgrade features like rackspace or internet bandwidth to suit the changing requirements of your business.

One of the main reasons why businesses go for colocation hosting is due to the security it offers. Another reason is the level of control that it offers when compared to technologies like cloud hosting. Colocation hosting can be the best option for industries like healthcare, as they have strict rules of compliance regarding data privacy and security that should be met for legal purposes. As per the rules of many industries, data should reside in secure onsite location and this can be ensured by colocation hosting, as the data is stored in our secure datacenter.

With our colocation hosting services, even small businesses can have enterprise-level hosting capabilities. Why wait? Get in touch with us right away to know more about our colocation hosting services.


FAQ for colocation webhosting
FAQ for colocation webhosting
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