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[Sticky] HostSailor Community Rules


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Welcome to the HostSailor Community. 


This community has been created for sailors to sail far and sail fast in the internet ocean.


We don’t want to compete with other hosting communities.   We want to provide our Sailors with a place to meet, ask questions, and benefit from each other’s experiences.  That will help us to provide better services to our sailors.


We want you to receive the benefit of interacting with each other and with our HostSailor’s support team.  We believe that this will help you with gaining expert knowledge and support.


Rules are needed to manage any community. Host Sailor is no different, so please read, understand, and observe the following.


  1. These are the initial rules for launching this service, and they will be updated regularly


  1. You must register here to be able to add topics and comment on existing topics. Having an account on the HostSailor website does not automatically add you to the community.


  1. Anyone breaking the rules can be removed and banned from the community. The site admins are the referees. Their decision is final.


  1. We expect mutual respect between all users. Specifically:


  1. Foul language, insults, or disrespect of anyone’s person or culture will have you thrown out immediately. Please respect the opinions and cultures of everyone in the HostSailor community.


  1. Social, political, religious, or financial topics not related to the web hosting industry are not allowed — bottom line, no religion or politics at all.


  1. No commercials or product promotions. This community is for sharing experiences and knowledge and not for exchanging commercials and promoting products or affiliate links.


  1. Publishing links to other sites is forbidden. The only exception to this rule is if the links are intended to deliver information or education.  The evaluation of links is up to the site admins, and their decision is final.


  1. You must attempt to resolve any technical issues with the HostSailor technical team before posting it on this forum.


  1. Our people are busy and may not be able to attend to your query immediately. There may be a delay from us in responding. Please be patient.


  1. Please report any abuse to [email protected] only. Any abuse postings to the Forum will be removed.


  1. HostSailor is committed to being a reputable supplier. We are registered as a hosting provider in Dubai, UAE:
    1. We conform to all the applicable laws and regulations of the UAE;
    2. We do not permit discussion of any unlawful activities, including but not limited to malware-related activities, bypassing software and media copyrights and licensing, and the like.


On a less formal note, please:


  • Don’t post multiple threads on the same topic.
  • Create a thread and edit the content after you have started to receive responses
  • Be kind to questions posted by newbies. We all started somewhere.
  • Don’t post unhelpful comments.
  • Provide a useful answer, don’t reply just to mock the way a particular question was phrased.

In short, be polite, helpful, and appropriate, or receive a warning.

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