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One of the Best certificates for protecting your data using a secure hash algorithm that the data has not been tempered and modified.

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Indispensable protection against loss of trust of your clients.

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More than 25 million people trust the quality of Comodo SSL Certificates.

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Highly reliable SSL Certificates with own Root Certificate on the market.

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Sectigo Trusted Site Seal for your websites and reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase sales conversion for your websites , offering, easy instant assurance and industry-standard encryption to any company or organization that needs it

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Certificates from GeoTrust are perfect for any company to enhance website security.

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Show your customers your site is safe with Thawte SSL.

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SSL Certificates from Symantec build trust and provide a new level of protection.

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SSL certificates by DigiCert secure unlimited servers with the strongest encryption and highest authentication available.

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When it comes to keeping your website safe and sound, nothing beats the security of an SSL Certificate. SSL certificates (which stands for Secure Sockets Layer) create a secure bond between your website and the server, which allows it to send information safely and privately.SSL certificates are critical for your website because it means your customers can trust that their personal details won’t be at risk. If you run an ecommerce site, an SSL certificate makes it possible for you to secure the following:Credit card transactions Data transfers Data logins Secure connections to social media sitesIn other words, without an SSL certificate, your putting your customers’ information at risk — and that could seriously hurt your business.

Why Choose

Choosing the right provider for your SSL certificate is an important business decision. Not all SSL certificates are created equal — and at, we ensure that we’re better than the competition:

  • We use manual validation to verify control of your domain name, which helps ensure more customer confidence in your website.
  • specializes in secure server hosting — and we apply this same dedication to security and safety to our SSL certificates.
  • Our SSL certificates come with well-known trust marks that are instantly recognized by security browsers.
  • Our SSL certificates are convenient and effective, and can be launched quickly to help support rapid business growth.

Don’t lose the trust of your customers; entrust your website’s security with today.

The Superior Choice for SSL Certificates

As a website owner, you can’t afford to ignore the benefits of having a trusted SSL Certificate on your site. Not only does it establish a trusting relationship between you and your customer, but it also ensures that prying eyes don’t gain access to your valuable business information.

Don’t leave your online success vulnerable to hackers and Internet thieves. Instill trust and confidence in your customers by using an SSL certificate from Contact our customer service team today to learn more about the different SSL certificates we offer.

HostSailor is one of the best SSL certificate providers helping website owners enhance their online business’ security. Work with us to make your website a reliable and secure platform.

Get strong encryption and ultimate security with cheap and reliable SSL certificates at HostSailor. Our wide range of SSL certificates prevent phishing attacks, ensure safe transactions and protect sensitive information. Choose now and give your customers a genuine reason to trust you.

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Fathi El khalil
20:02 15 Jun 23

I've been using HostSailor for a few months now, the servers are great, prices are good, deliveries are instant and customer service always resolves my problem pretty fast, I had zero problem with ping and my uptime is 99 days 🙂

Jordan REY
12:38 30 Apr 19

I really like their services

Hosting geeks
10:06 27 Apr 19

i love host sailor i bought domain name from them and they have been nothing but helpful i fully appreciate the service they have given me so far and i plan on purchasing dedicated servers from them now ...thanks host sailor.

demetrius Foxx
08:27 21 Apr 19

having use their vps for about 2 mounth.the kvm plan is really cheap,during my use the server's uptime is 100%. and the support is very fast which is amazing

lhz njtech
16:09 19 Apr 19

They have great services and support, use some of their vps product for more than 3 years until now. highly recommended hosting services in the world.

Ardan Ari Tri Wibowo
13:36 30 Mar 19

Using their Leviathan SSD Hosting from last month and everything is good fast and stable, no server downtime or no error with website setup. everything is perfect.after that i'm looking for VPS server for my website and i decided to continue with hostsailor. So i purchase A Linux KVM Server (Seaman Plan). But at this time ......i faced the too many error because of i'm not familiar with linux command , it hard to setup website for me. so i open a support ticket. after that their support team is thebest i ever see . i have been creating website over 6 year and using a lot of diffferent hosting and VPS provider but can't get good support from them. On Hostsailoryou can see how they are nice and help. Discounts on almost every occasion on their products so what else we need? ( the best choice for the newbie who can't ableto pay high price for share hosting and VPS ) their discounts are almost 30 to 70 % ..... , in the other word that mean you got free hosting =D =Dthe last word from me is i will be using their product forever and highly recommended from me. thank to all of hostsailor team member and god bless you.

07:44 23 Mar 19

Using their Dedicated servers from last 3 months and so far everything is superb for us. We do not face any single downtime in this period on any of our server and most important part is their support which is super active on email or on live chat.So overall they have Excellent service, Great response time, Helpful and Friendly team, Servers Delivery time is instant, Discounts on almost every occasion on their products so what else we need?Highly recommended from our side.

Umair Mahmood
11:07 20 Feb 19

I Purchased A KVM Linux Server From HostSailor And I Have Never Been So Satisfied With My Provider!! The Server Is Lightning Fast That Is Easy To Use And Control From The Client Panel. The 24/7 Support Is Super Friendly And Helpful, However They're Technical Support Is Only Reachable Through Opening Tickets, Which Sucks, But They Are Still Fast At Replying. I Very Much Recommend Them As Their Servers Have 99.9% Uptime And They Will Always Help You Where You Need It!! - From Rutzzy

12:02 19 Feb 19

Md.Khalid Salim
14:43 13 May 18

00:22 07 Sep 17

Our ecommerce site is running very well thanks to HostSailor. We had some really bad experiences with hosting providers before this. It’s good to have someone always available to resolve problems. That’s the best thing about their service.

Mickey Andersonn
09:41 02 Aug 17

Being a big fan of Linux operating system, I wanted a hosting platform that supported it. HostSailor’s KVM for Linux proved to be the answer. The affordable monthly plan is fantastic!

Aldey Mark
11:21 17 Feb 17

HostSailor’s dedicated server solution has been able to meet our needs. The high-speed connectivity and reliable security has allowed us to expand our operations.

Peter Siernick
15:32 13 Jan 17

Great service, fast support. Everything is awesome, this site is excellent.

Mandy Jaws
22:16 05 Sep 16

Excellent VPS, Service.I have a non-managed VPS with Hostsailor and I am very happy with their service. Quick response, VPS works well with no downtime. They provide a good product that can fit any needs.Strongly recommended!

Andres Reyes
11:49 26 Aug 16

Excellent managed VPS serviceI have a managed VPS with Hostsailor and I am very satisfied with their service.VPS works fine, fast and no downtime. They provide high quality and cost effective solutions with great support!I recommend them!------------------------------------Kitűnő menedzselt VPS szolgáltatásNálluk van a menedzselt VPS-em és kitűnő szolgáltatást nyújtanak hozzá. A szerver gyors és mindig elérhető. Magas színvonalú és költséghatékony megoldásokat biztosítanak.. Továbbá kitűnő supportjuk van!Csak ajánlani tudom őket!------------------------------------Perfekt VPS tjänsterJah har en VPS hos Hostsailor och jag är mycket nöjd med deras tjänster. VPS fungerar bra och altit tillgängligt. De tillhandahåller högkvalitativa och kostnadseffektiva lösningar med mycket bra support!Jag rekommenderar dem!

Alexander Blomberg
10:13 26 Aug 16

they sail in style and i like to sail my websites with them 😀 lol

Mr Awesome
09:54 09 Aug 16

wonderful service and prices , live chat agents are very friendly

Adam Warlock
09:43 09 Aug 16


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