About Super Reseller

From now on, you don’t have to be a traditional reseller because you can join our fantastic Super Reseller Program to become a super reseller of HostSailor.

Now we offer an exclusive Super Reseller Program, through which our super resellers will be able to create services with any configuration that they want to sell on their own. Super resellers don’t need to sell existing services that are available in our inventory, but decide what services they want sell at the prices they prefer with absolutely full control.

An easy-to-use SolusVM panel for super resellers is available immediately, which will allow super reseller to create virtual servers with all the specs such as disk space, RAM, number of IPs, bandwidth and CPU cores according to their own budgets and their clients’ demands.

Join our Super Reseller Program now! It will allow you to have more possibilities and flexibilities, with not only the SolusVM panel but also the whole list of features below:






White Label


Cheap Addons




24/7 Support

Specification prices

25 GB HDD $1

1 TB bandwidth $2

24/7 Support

Incoming Bandwidth Unmetered

1 GB RAM $1,5

1 CPU Core

WHMCS license

1 IPV4 $1,5

IPV6 Free

White Label Free

DDos protection Free

1 GB Connection Free


Super Sailor

  • VMS: 1-5
  • Max RAM: 5 GB
  • Max HDD:125 GB
  • Max IP: 5 IPs
  • Max BW: 5 TB
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Super Lieutenant

  • VMS: 5-10
  • Max RAM: 15 GB
  • Max HDD: 25 GB
  • Max IP: 10 IPs
  • Max BW: 15 TB
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Super Captain

  • VMS: 10+
  • Max RAM: 32 GB
  • Max HDD: 500 GB
  • Max IP: Unlimited
  • Max BW: Unlimited
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What to do?

  • Decide the specifications you need
  • Check the pricing boxes above
  • Check " packages "
  • Decide which package you are interested in
  • Click apply Now
  • Fill the Form
  • Click send
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