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Secure Private Networking

HostSailor has been into the business of web hosting and other complementary services for many years and has earned a place globally. We always make sure to keep up with the latest technological advancements to cater to the needs of our clients. This is the reason we are now offering private VLAN services.

A Virtual LAN is a broadcast domain and a separate IP subnet at the same time. These LANs restrict the broadcast to only specified devices. A Private VLAN is a networking technique where Virtual LANs are used to make isolated broadcast domains inside a LAN. PVLAN separates the broadcast domain to different sub-domains. These LANs are configured making use of a dedicated switch for different server’s LAN. The switch ports are restricted so that they are capable of communicating only with a given uplink, and these restricted ports are usually referred to as the private ports. Typically, a private VLAN includes different private ports and one uplink.

The PVLANs allow isolating various devices inside the same Virtual LAN and offer layer 2 isolation between the ports in a broadcast domain. PVLANs can be used to make secondary virtual LANs inside a primary virtual LAN. Secondary VLANs are made as normal VLANs and then associated with a primary VLAN.

PVLAN can be considered by those users who need a high-security environment. With a PVLAN, you will be able to disable the public access to your DB servers that has critical data and allow access only on the front web servers. This can be used by forums and heavy traffic websites. By disabling the remote access to DB servers and allowing only web servers to communicate with these servers, we ensure that no one will be able to access your database servers.

If you are in search of a Private Virtual LAN service provider, look no further. Go ahead and contact us today!

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