Meet Sailor VPN, Your personal dedicated VPN Server

Discover why more customers trust their websites with VPN offers the best dedicated Server VPN with Mobile Apps. It’s not just a dedicated IP VPN it’s a whole VPN Server with dedicated IP to get the best privacy experience. You will enjoy optimum security experience with Sailor OpenVPN Server.



* 20 Gbps DDoS Protection by default for RO location

With SailorVPN Monthly Plan You will pay 5$. No hidden fees



* 20 Gbps DDoS Protection by default for RO location.

With SailorVPN Yearly Plan You will pay 40$ per year with no hidden fees.



* 20 Gbps DDoS Protection by default for RO location

With SailorVPN 6 Months Plan You will pay 25$ for 6 Months with no hidden fees.

What Do You Get With SailorVPN’s Dedicated VPN Server?

You will get a top speed VPN with instant setup and a dedicated IP to use daily on your IPhone, Android, Windows and Mac, Everyday you connect to the internet your real IP will be hidden, your connection will be encrypted, and you can get even more using Stealth VPN to disguise your VPN traffic and make it look like normal traffic that can even pass The Great Firewall of China, VPN-blocking firewalls are everywhere now but using our stealth mode you will pass any firewall by removing the VPN meta data from the packet header.


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We’re satisfied with our dedicated hosting package. It’s fast and cost-effective for our business website. We haven’t experienced downtime as of yet, which is a good sign

Peter Siernick

Peter Siernick

09:35 02 Aug 17

Our ecommerce site is running very well thanks to HostSailor. We had some really bad experiences with hosting providers before this. It’s good to have someone always available to resolve problems. That’s the best thing about their service.

Mickey Andersonn

Mickey Andersonn

09:41 02 Aug 17

Being a big fan of Linux operating system, I wanted a hosting platform that supported it. HostSailor’s KVM for Linux proved to be the answer. The affordable monthly plan is fantastic!

Aldey Mark

Aldey Mark

11:21 17 Feb 17

HostSailor’s dedicated server solution has been able to meet our needs. The high-speed connectivity and reliable security has allowed us to expand our operations.

Peter Siernick

Peter Siernick

15:32 13 Jan 17

We wanted a domain name that would be relevant to our business and go down well with SEO. These people not only suggested the perfect name, but also quickly got that registered. Excellent work guys!

Jack Warn

Jack Warn

13:24 02 Feb 17

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