Our powerful, yet affordable, Netherlands based XEN virtual private servers (VPS) offer greater control at highly competitive prices. Our XEN VPS offering provides clients full access to iptables, swap space, and diverse file system types. This is ideal for clients who are well versed in using Linux and would like maximum control over their private server’s kernel. XEN VPS also has a higher amount of swap space versus storage space and puts you directly in charge of your backup schedule.

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$ 2 .99

Mini sailor
  • RAM 256MB
  • Swap 256MB
  • RAID10 storage 10 GB HDD
  • Processor E5-2620 v3
  • Cores 1
  • IPV4 Addresse(s) 1
  • IPV6 Addresse(s) /64
  • Bandwidth 256GB
  • Network Speed 1Gbit
  • NL DBC/DBA Protection Optional
  • NL GreenDatacenter DDOS Protection 20Gbps
  • Control panel SolusVM
  • Location Netherlands
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$ 3 .99

  • RAM 512MB
  • Swap 512MB
  • RAID10 storage 15 GB HDD
  • Processor E5-2620 v3
  • Cores 2
  • IPV4 Addresse(s) 1
  • IPV6 Addresse(s) /64
  • Bandwidth 512GB
  • Network Speed 1Gbit
  • NL DBC/DBA Protection Optional
  • NL GreenDatacenter DDOS Protection 20Gbps
  • Control panel SolusVM
  • Location Netherlands
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$ 6 .99

  • RAM 1GB
  • VSwap 1GB
  • RAID10 storage 30 GB HDD
  • Processor E5-2620 v3
  • Cores 4
  • IPV4 Addresse(s) 1
  • IPV6 Addresse(s) /64
  • Bandwidth 1TB
  • Network Speed 1Gbit
  • NL DBC/DBA Protection Optional
  • NL GreenDatacenter DDOS Protection 20Gbps
  • Control panel SolusVM
  • Location Netherlands
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$ 12 .99

  • RAM 2GB
  • VSwap 2GB
  • RAID10 storage 50 GB HDD
  • Processor E5-2620 v3
  • Cores 6
  • IPV4 Addresse(s) 1
  • IPV6 Addresse(s) /64
  • Bandwidth 2TB
  • Network Speed 1Gbit
  • NL DBC/DBA Protection Optional
  • NL GreenDatacenter DDOS Protection 20Gbps
  • Control panel SolusVM
  • Location Netherlands
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$ 24 .99

  • RAM 4GB
  • VSwap 4GB
  • RAID10 storage 80 GB HDD
  • Processor E5-2620 v3
  • Cores 8
  • IPV4 Addresse(s) 1
  • IPV6 Addresse(s) /64
  • Bandwidth 4TB
  • Network Speed 1Gbit
  • NL DBC/DBA Protection Optional
  • NL GreenDatacenter DDOS Protection 20Gbps
  • Control panel SolusVM
  • Location Netherlands
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$ 44 .99

  • RAM 8GB
  • VSwap 8GB
  • RAID10 storage 100 GB HDD
  • Processor E5-2620 v3
  • Cores 12
  • IPV4 Addresse(s) 1
  • IPV6 Addresse(s) /64
  • Bandwidth 8TB
  • Network Speed 1Gbit
  • NL DBC/DBA Protection Optional
  • NL GreenDatacenter DDOS Protection 20Gbps
  • Control panel SolusVM
  • Location Netherlands
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VPS Hosting Addons

Cpanel / WHM
$15 for VPS Servers.
ISPmanager 5 control panel
ISPmanager business $12 ISPmanager lite $4
Softaculous VPS License $1.50
Extra IP
Additional IPv4 $2 Additional IPv6 is free
CloudLinux license $11
Extra Bandwidth
Additional BW addon $1.25 per 512GB Additional BW addon $2.5 per 1TB
DDoS Protection
1 Gbps DDoS protection (NL ONLY) $4 10 Gbps DDoS protection (NL ONLY) $20 20 Gbps DDoS protection (NL ONLY) $40 One-time Setup fee $15 20 Gbps DDoS protection by default for Romania location
WHMCS Licenses
Starting at $13.60
Webuzo VPS License $2.5
VMmanager license $8.5
Direct Admin
Direct Admin License $17

Xen VPS Hosting

In the VPS hosting arena, Xen hosting happens to be just about the most dependable and flexible virtualization technology available in the market. Every single VPS entity is fully isolated from its surroundings, ensuring maximum stability and security. The available memory is expandable using SWAP files, and Xen VPS is compatible with almost every OS capable of functioning inside a paravirtualization environment. HostSailor offers a range of solutions under this for a number of Linux distributions, every last one of them is secure and versatile to a remarkable degree.

Total Isolation

Every Xen-based VPS is fully separated from every other instance found on the respective hardware, which means no system’s performance can be affected by another. That means this is much better than shared hosting if you are particular about squeezing the juice out of your plan, and want your resources dedicated to hosting your website exclusively.

Backups to Secure Your Data

Data recovery is never an issue after you sign with us; we make sure of this through perfectly secure server backups done highly frequently, without any interruptions or slowdown in your website activities. If things went south and you fell victim to data corruption, hacking, or accidental deletion, you should easily restore what you needed from our redundant backups.

Having lasted over 10 years as a virtualization technology recognized for its success and dependability, Xen works really well on virtual servers. In this form, it is capable of meeting the needs of larger IT operations, but can also still fit inside a relatively modest budget. The architecture holds every VPS in isolation from the rest, so that if one crashes or lacks the resources it needs, the others on the server would remain unaffected. Swap files allow using additional memory resources, which reduces the probability of a crash. Resource-intense apps get to keep operating using virtual memory.

Not being limited to any one OS, Xen VPS is highly versatile when compared to the alternatives. Any operating system with sufficient modifications enabling special hypercall ABI handling can be made to work well with Xen. This is where the well-known speed and dependability come from. Under Linux, five distributions — Gentoo, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora — are supported. That along with our 24/7 dedicated technical support, makes using this hosting package a breeze for most clients. We guarantee 99.9% uptime, so you do not have to worry about your site dropping offline expect in a few highly rare instances.

Pay for XEN VPS with Bitcoin

If you are looking for Bitcoin VPS hosting options, then you should turn to HostSailor because we offer many different options under that including XEN VPS hosting.

With HostSailor, you have the option of VPS pay with Bitcoin, so you can buy a hosting plan in an anonymous manner using this digital currency. If you are looking for anonymous VPS hosting Bitcoin, we are the best in the business. Sign up for one of our superior hosting options and avail the benefits of anonymous, safe and tax-free transaction comprising bitcoins, which do not depend on a central agency or get diverted in anyway. Know that your payment has reached us in its entirety, and that you now have access to a server which can meet all your hosting needs.


Very bad services ...

Fathi El khalil
20:02 15 Jun 23

I've been using HostSailor for a few months now, the servers are great, prices are good, deliveries are instant and customer service always resolves my problem pretty fast, I had zero problem with ping and my uptime is 99 days 🙂

Jordan REY
12:38 30 Apr 19

I really like their services

Hosting geeks
10:06 27 Apr 19

i love host sailor i bought domain name from them and they have been nothing but helpful i fully appreciate the service they have given me so far and i plan on purchasing dedicated servers from them now ...thanks host sailor.

demetrius Foxx
08:27 21 Apr 19

having use their vps for about 2 mounth.the kvm plan is really cheap,during my use the server's uptime is 100%. and the support is very fast which is amazing

lhz njtech
16:09 19 Apr 19

They have great services and support, use some of their vps product for more than 3 years until now. highly recommended hosting services in the world.

Ardan Ari Tri Wibowo
13:36 30 Mar 19

Using their Leviathan SSD Hosting from last month and everything is good fast and stable, no server downtime or no error with website setup. everything is perfect.after that i'm looking for VPS server for my website and i decided to continue with hostsailor. So i purchase A Linux KVM Server (Seaman Plan). But at this time ......i faced the too many error because of i'm not familiar with linux command , it hard to setup website for me. so i open a support ticket. after that their support team is thebest i ever see . i have been creating website over 6 year and using a lot of diffferent hosting and VPS provider but can't get good support from them. On Hostsailoryou can see how they are nice and help. Discounts on almost every occasion on their products so what else we need? ( the best choice for the newbie who can't ableto pay high price for share hosting and VPS ) their discounts are almost 30 to 70 % ..... , in the other word that mean you got free hosting =D =Dthe last word from me is i will be using their product forever and highly recommended from me. thank to all of hostsailor team member and god bless you.

07:44 23 Mar 19

Using their Dedicated servers from last 3 months and so far everything is superb for us. We do not face any single downtime in this period on any of our server and most important part is their support which is super active on email or on live chat.So overall they have Excellent service, Great response time, Helpful and Friendly team, Servers Delivery time is instant, Discounts on almost every occasion on their products so what else we need?Highly recommended from our side.

Umair Mahmood
11:07 20 Feb 19

I Purchased A KVM Linux Server From HostSailor And I Have Never Been So Satisfied With My Provider!! The Server Is Lightning Fast That Is Easy To Use And Control From The Client Panel. The 24/7 Support Is Super Friendly And Helpful, However They're Technical Support Is Only Reachable Through Opening Tickets, Which Sucks, But They Are Still Fast At Replying. I Very Much Recommend Them As Their Servers Have 99.9% Uptime And They Will Always Help You Where You Need It!! - From Rutzzy

12:02 19 Feb 19

Md.Khalid Salim
14:43 13 May 18

00:22 07 Sep 17

Our ecommerce site is running very well thanks to HostSailor. We had some really bad experiences with hosting providers before this. It’s good to have someone always available to resolve problems. That’s the best thing about their service.

Mickey Andersonn
09:41 02 Aug 17

Being a big fan of Linux operating system, I wanted a hosting platform that supported it. HostSailor’s KVM for Linux proved to be the answer. The affordable monthly plan is fantastic!

Aldey Mark
11:21 17 Feb 17

HostSailor’s dedicated server solution has been able to meet our needs. The high-speed connectivity and reliable security has allowed us to expand our operations.

Peter Siernick
15:32 13 Jan 17

Great service, fast support. Everything is awesome, this site is excellent.

Mandy Jaws
22:16 05 Sep 16

Excellent VPS, Service.I have a non-managed VPS with Hostsailor and I am very happy with their service. Quick response, VPS works well with no downtime. They provide a good product that can fit any needs.Strongly recommended!

Andres Reyes
11:49 26 Aug 16

Excellent managed VPS serviceI have a managed VPS with Hostsailor and I am very satisfied with their service.VPS works fine, fast and no downtime. They provide high quality and cost effective solutions with great support!I recommend them!------------------------------------Kitűnő menedzselt VPS szolgáltatásNálluk van a menedzselt VPS-em és kitűnő szolgáltatást nyújtanak hozzá. A szerver gyors és mindig elérhető. Magas színvonalú és költséghatékony megoldásokat biztosítanak.. Továbbá kitűnő supportjuk van!Csak ajánlani tudom őket!------------------------------------Perfekt VPS tjänsterJah har en VPS hos Hostsailor och jag är mycket nöjd med deras tjänster. VPS fungerar bra och altit tillgängligt. De tillhandahåller högkvalitativa och kostnadseffektiva lösningar med mycket bra support!Jag rekommenderar dem!

Alexander Blomberg
10:13 26 Aug 16

they sail in style and i like to sail my websites with them 😀 lol

Mr Awesome
09:54 09 Aug 16

wonderful service and prices , live chat agents are very friendly

Adam Warlock
09:43 09 Aug 16


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