Cheap Virtual Private Server Hosting!

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Cheap Virtual Private Server Hosting!
Affordable VPS Hosting

There is a new and exciting service that is quite cheap and reliable. This service is called Virtual Private Server Hosting. With this, you can get control of your own virtual machine that has all the necessary services. This means that you will be able to make sure that your hosting is up-to-date without any hassle.

In this day and age, when companies are looking to save money by going virtual, the demand for virtual private server hosting has increased substantially. In fact, here the company offers these services for a relatively cheap price.  Virtual Private Server Hosting (“VPS”) is a popular choice. 

One obvious consideration is budget, and cheap VPS hosting is quickly becoming a go-to option. Keep reading about Virtual Private Server Hosting..


What is Virtual Private Server Hosting?

A Virtual Private Server is a hosting solution that generally provides more security and performance.

  • The server these VPSs are hosted on is dedicated to the VPS. This means that it’s less likely that there will be any other sharing happening on the same server as your VPS, which can increase security and your site speed significantly.

    Typically you have full administrative privileges over each of the services running on a Virtual Private Server and you can install any software you need without having to ask for anyone’s permission or do anything complicated.

    • A VPS can be thought of as a single server, on which guest operating systems are installed.


      Virtual Private Server Hosting provides the following features:

      – Flexibility

      – Security

      – Scalability

      – Stability


Both the Windows and Linux operating systems support VPS, with VPS a part of the Linux kernel. Windows has capital and recurrent costs, while Linux is free, but with operational costs. 


One common issue is management, but again both Windows and Linux have inbuilt and third-party software applications that provide visual management interfaces that replace the prior command-line applications. 


A Managed Service provider, such as HostSailor, uses the VPS environment to provide a range of hosting options to prospective customers. Maximising resource usage allows an MSP to offer cheap VPS Hosting. 

Cloud-based VPS hosting is a better hosting environment for e-commerce and other application areas holding sensitive information.  Again, it is also usually very simple to move from VPS to dedicated web hosting within the same MSP. 



Why Use VPS Hosting?



Why Use VPS Hosting?
Virtual server hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is a type of hosting architecture that has partitions, CPU and RAM dedicated to each server. This helps to maximize the performance of the VPS by allowing each VPS to use resources that are appropriate for its tasks.

The idea behind this is to provide an extra layer of security by separating the operating system from the storage media and other parts. This way in case one or more nodes are compromised it does not lead to data loss or data theft from other nodes. A Virtual Private Server is great for startups, blogs or business which require resources that are scalable and can be configured to suit your business needs. It allows you to host multiple websites on one VPS which offers both cost savings as well as flexibility.

VPS Hosting Customer Benefits!

There are several benefits to moving to cheap Virtual Private Server hosting, including:

  • The financial benefit of minimising expenditure by moving it to operational expenditure. The basic cost is a hosting fee, which can be easily included in an operational budget.   Choosing the most appropriate hosting plan, perhaps supplemented by add-ons, can reduce operational costs. 
  • Business as usual continues during the transition to the new systems.  An MSP can help by supporting the implementation of the new systems on the VPS platform, or by providing operational management for the legacy environment.  That removes the need for hiring expensive temporary infrastructure and staff. 
  • Responsibility for operational matters is passed to the MSP in a hosting environment. That includes systems and data backups, ensuring that all software is kept at the current release level, and most importantly security aspects such as protection against malware, data theft, and other malicious Internet-delivered exploits. 
  • To further reduce costs, part of the hosting arrangement might include the customer remotely managing their systems and VPS environment.  This will be greatly eased by the MSP providing management tools such as cPanel or SolusVM. 
  • Many organisations have formal procurement policies.  When the infrastructure needs to be upgraded, it could take some time for those formalities to be completed.  In a hosting environment, the MSP is responsible for the physical infrastructure, and will almost certainly be able to procure and install any infrastructure upgrades much more quickly. 
  • As the business grows, the infrastructure will need to grow with it.  An MSP can make this much simpler by allowing easy migration between hosting plans, and if necessary, in time moving to a dedicated server. 


MSP Benefits

As noted above there is an increasing market for price-effective hosting plans for customers. They may need an e-commerce platform, or to enhance their existing online presence, or perhaps to link their CRM systems or marketing systems with Social Media. 

Whatever the reason, they are likely to be feeling cost pressures and are price-conscious. Many MSPs are now addressing that market with affordable hosting plans. Specific benefits to MSPs include: 

  • A VPS environment makes it easier to maximise infrastructure usage.  Each virtual server is logically distinct from others on the same physical platform.  They can therefore support different operating environments and different applications software.  That allows the MSP to have the maximum number of customers and to mix and match customers on servers.   Operational costs are lower because there are fewer servers to manage. 
  • The MSP can have greater flexibility in the hosting plans offered to customers.  Changes in the market can be quickly accommodated, and there is increased flexibility in the services offered in each plan. As an example, the current drive among customers is affordability and being able to offer Cheap VPS Hosting meets this increasing customer demand. 
  • Reseller Hosting.  A growing trend is for downstream resellers of VPS Hosting to use the infrastructure of larger MSPs. A Cheap VPS Hosting model can offer the downstream reseller the opportunity to create their own price-competitive plans, marketed under their own label.  


A startup option for new resellers is the White Label option.  In that option, the reseller acts as an MSP, and rebrands the upstream MSPs plans as their own, with their own branding, marketing and hosting plans. HostSailor offers such a plan. 

As you can see, Cheap VPS Hosting can be a viable solution for MSPs seeking to expand their customer base, and for IT departments needing to upgrade or replace systems but operating under financial constraints. 

VPS Hosting providers have unrivalled experience with VPS hosting. We can help you move, or if you just want an informal and friendly chat, please don’t hesitate to talk with our skilled professionals. 

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