IP announcement Simple setup

  • Use a larger amount of IPs on a rack or server
  • Keep the IPs when moving to another provider
Route your IP range to our ASN
Route your IP range to our ASN
Step 1

Route your IP range to our ASN

Provide us LOA.
Provide us LOA.
Step 2

Provide us LOA.

Routed and available for use on client’s server.
Routed and available for use on client’s server.
Step 3

Routed and available for use on client’s server.

IP announcement services
IP announcement services

IP announcement

HostSailor has grown into a trusted hosting and related service provider due to our focus on customer needs and satisfaction. We are now introducing IP Announcement (IPAN) services for our customers. This will allow you to have your IP addresses announced by HostSailor, enabling you to make use of a larger amount of IPs that are residing on a rack server. The best part is that you will be able to keep the IPs when you are planning to move to a different service provider.

HostSailor will advertise all your announced IP addresses from a HostSailor AS number. For us to advertise the IP prefix to our upstream providers, the size of the IP prefix should be equal to or greater than a /24. Moreover, we will need an accepted authorization method for announcing your IP ranges.

To announce your IP, we will need a signed letter of authorization from the actual owner, if you are not the owner of the IP prefix. Moreover, there are no set limits for the amount of announced IP prefixes. Our IP announcement service will be available for dedicated servers in colocation services and shared/private racks.

Usually, your IPs will be announced and your servers will be connected to Switch Ports that are tagged. This will enable you to use the announced IPs at your convenience. Our experienced professionals can split the subnets into smaller groups without any additional charges.

The minimum prefix size required for IP announcement is /24 for IPV4 and /48 for IPv6 and there can be charges for the IP announcement. There will be fees depending on switch configuration if you need your own Layer3 Switch to manage your BGP Session. When you make use of your own switch, all your servers will be connected to your switch and you can configure the prefixes and announce them.

Get in touch with us today to start using our special IP announcement services.

Available Locations

Get Started

Create an account then open a ticket to our support team


Route your range to our ASN and also provide us the signed LOA.

There is no extra charge if you have a server with us and we can do the announcement once you provide us the LOA.

Yes, we provide it in all 3 locations we have.

No, you need to have a dedicated server to get it working.

HostSailor’s ASN is: AS60117

Yes, it is possible. But, you need a router for that ASN.

Yes, possible with a /48 range on dedicated servers.

The minimum will be /24 for IPv4 and /48 for IPv6.

No, the range must be unannounced from the previous provider.

Once you have provided the range and signed LOA, the announcement and network setup should be done in 1-2 hours unless we have any other emergencies going on.

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